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Venue: Balcony Studio
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Release your inner artist. A Watercolour course will teach you a range of drawing techniques to help you create your masterpiece. The variety of teaching methods such as demonstrations, group discussions and critiques will assist you when creating your projects. Watercolour courses are available for those with a great deal of experience, for those just starting out, and for everyone in-between.

On this course a variety of drawing and painting, media and techniques will be explored, including mixed media approaches. By working from both direct observation and from photographic references and sketches, you will encounter a variety of interesting and stimulating subject matter - landscape, still life, natural forms, etc.

Reference will also be made to the work of other artists as appropriate. By the end of the course you should be able to: work from a variety of primary and secondary subject matter. make a preliminary drawing to establish a composition. select and use the appropriate brushes and materials. explore colour mixing use a range of painting techniques for watercolour and acrylic (washes, glazes, drybrush, wet in wet) recognise the styles and techniques of fine artists. work to health and safety guidelines.


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