Postcards From Lockdown

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Do you remember our first Lockdown, all those months ago? A time when phrases like ‘Social Distancing’ ‘Super Spreader’, ‘PPE’ were part of a whole new vocabulary and what would become a new way of living.

One of the really positive things that happened as a result of this time was the Community Arts Project – “Postcards from Lockdown’. The initiative raised £3000 to help enable the theatre to pay the overheads and the building viable.

But it did more than that. It reminded us that in our isolation, many people were experiencing the same feelings, and our coping (and non coping) strategies were not unique. The exhibition was one of the most important and poignant events we have ever shown here.

You may not have got one of the packs of original postcards, but we still have both A1 (£15) and A2 (£10) posters available, which include an image by each of our 100 contributors.

Why not send one to a friend or relative?

A lockdown message from one community to another.

Order here and collect from the theatre.

All proceeds will be going direct to The Astor to help ensure its future.

Event Details

Starts on:07/12/2020
Location:Astor Theatre, Deal


A1 Poster
£ 15.00
A2 Poster
£ 10.00