2 Rooms

Studio Booking Fee £120.00 (not inc.VAT)

Includes 8 hours in the studio and one engineer

Recording Studio as a rehearsal room £8.00 per hour

Includes use of the P.A and the equipment situated in the room

On weekdays, from 7.30pm till closing time

On weekend, from 9 am till closing time

Hire: https://dev.theastor.co.uk/book-a-venue
Floor Dimension: 20 X 20
Suitable For: Small Group Meetings, Workshops, Art Exhibitions

The Astor Recording Studio is a small studio and practice rooms located inside the Astor Theatre in Deal. The studio consists of 2 rooms, both of which have been newly refurbished to professional standards. The Live Room has been re-built to an industry standard spec, including the addition of an Esmono SoundBooth (we like to call it ‘The Pod’) which assists greatly in both sound isolation and in providing a ‘dead’ acoustic environment, so what you hear and record is ONLY you and your instrument – not a poorly treated room environment.

This is the same setup as used by numerous studios, universities and broadcast facilities including the BBC, Middlesex University and the Big Brother Diary Room. The smaller control room consists of the analog/digital hybrid recording solution, with various outboard instruments and processors. The room itself has been acoustically treated to professional specifications with superchunks and broadband absorbers.

The booking fee for a day in the studio will cost £120.00 (not inc.VAT). This includes 8 hours in the studio and one engineer to accompany you. The Astor Theatre also offers the recording studio as a rehearsal room. This allows bands to come in and use the facilities at a price of £8.00 per hour, throughout the day. This will include use of the P.A and the equipment situated in the room. You are also welcome to bring your own gear along as well.

On weekdays, the studio is available for band practices from 7.30pm till The Astor’s closing time. Throughout the weekend, the studio is available from 9 am till closing time. However, this all depends on studio bookings.

For more information, you can use either This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01304 370 220

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