Academy Of Ancient Music with Guildhall School Of Music Historical Performance Department

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Friday 2nd July | Show Starts 7.30pm | St George’s Church, Deal

Members of The Academy of Ancient Music, alongside students from the Historical Performance programme at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama, perform music from Charles II’s London, bringing to life the pomp and pageantry of a coronation, the febrile energy of the reopened theatres, the extravagant feasts and exuberant dances, the intimacy of the chamber and the glories of the Chapel Royal.

Instruments and ensembles of the age will be conjured, from the King’s Trumpets, the “Wind Musick”, the sackbuts and cornetts to the Twenty-four Violins, Charles’ orchestra modelled on that which had made such an impression during his exile at the Paris court of the young Louis XIV. The age’s most celebrated composers will be there too: John Blow, Jean-Baptiste Lully, Matthew Locke, Pelham Humfrey and, of course, Henry Purcell.


Programme will include:

Suite from Venus and Adonis by John Blow
Music for His Majesty’s Sackbuts and Cornetts by Mathew Locke
Incidental music for The Tempest by Mathew Locke
Instrumental music from Welcome to All the Pleasures by Henry Purcell
Airs pour Le Carrousel de Monseigneur by Jean-Baptiste Lully
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Event Details

Starts on:02/07/2021 19:30
Location:St. George's Church