Cinque Ports International Documentary Film Festival

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Saturday 10th September | Screenings from 12pm | Unallocated Theatre Seating

Thoughtful Afternoon:  12.00 - 4.50 Three Films + Shorts. (Cafe & bar open throughout). Full details below.

CHILLOUT & KICKBACK 5.10-late Two Films & Awards Ceremony/Party (Cafe & Bar open throughout). Full details below.

12pm ~ 1pm
For the love of the land ( USA - 2020 Director: Nicky Milne)

Q&A: Multi award winning Director Nicky Milne will be answering questions in the bar after this screening.

Discussing issues of mental and emotional health have historically been taboo in farming communities where pioneering, rugged individualism and self-reliance prevail. This film challenges that taboo with personal, poignant stories of struggle, resilience, and hope. Connected across countries and continents many farmers face loneliness, rural isolation, a blurring of lines between work and home life and financial insecurity. The connection between the land and those who work it is complex, challenging and yet emotionally rewarding. A love of the land explores this complex relationship and the bonds that sustain it. 

1:10pm - 1.30pm
Three Shorts (Various Directors, Italy, UK)

Origines - Le Voyage (10 minutes)
Italy - 2021 Director: Amir RA
Winner of a Martello Award 2022 Amir RA’s magical and moving film is a musical and visual journey through the lives and innate artistic inclinations of a group of second generation Italian children, their relationship with the past, with their origins, and their ancestral links with nature.

Forever Sail the stars (6 minutes)
UK/the 5th Continent - 2020. Director: Mike Hardy
Mike Hardy’s Martello Award winning tribute to the fishing community of Dungeness mixing found footage from the 60s and his own exquisite photography of Dungeness today.

Brave New World (3 minutes)
UK - 2020. Director: Anton Califano
Award winning director Anton Califano’s smart phone movie deals with domestic abuse and the hard road out. It is perfectly paced, framed and shot. Most astonishing is that it somehow (how?) manages to fit a narrative of years and an infinite future into three minutes.

1:45pm ~ 3pm
Musher ( USA 2021 Directed by Anuradha Rana & Laurie Little )
Four women dog sled racers ranging in age from 13 to 64 and their dog teams prepare for the annual Copperdog race the highlight of Lake Superior dog sled race circuit. An intimate portrait of the tight-knit mushing community and the influence that these four women in particular and women in general have in the mushing world. Four fiercely independent, competitive individuals who nevertheless find solidarity in their shard love of their dogs, the competition and the mushing lifestyle.

3.15pm ~ 3.35pm
Three Shorts
(Various Directors, Italy, UK )

Canada - 2021. Director: Conor DeVries
”Conor DeVries short film manages to hold an upbeat and life affirming note while telling a deeply upsetting story - the way we waste food while millions starve.” Ruli Pennington - Martello Awards Judge 2022

Open Road & Mind Over Matter
United States - 2020. Director: Marleigh Belsey
Belsey is a student at Harvard. Her two short smart-phone films are both about movement. One is all about place and the other all about (a) person. One is about America and the other about joy. Both focus on a microcosm to find a larger truth. Both are affectionate without sentimentality. The camera is still and quietly watchful while the subject does its thing. Belsey seems somehow wise beyond her years and generous in sharing.

UK - 2020. Director: Caoimhe Durkan
Caoimhe Durkan’s short film introduces us to a group of four immigrants who find work making home deliveries for a fast food joint. It’s true we hear something of their difficulties and the precariousness of the gig-economy. But the shots of inaction of ennui and of home-sickness, free of voice-over, tell the story better. In the end what remains with the viewer is a memory of a camera in love with light, mesmerised by reflection and refraction. This is a director who sees a great shot, sets it up and is willing to make us wait until that telling moment when movement disrupts the composition. When you only have a few minutes to play with that takes real courage.

3.50pm ~ 4.50pm
Push Pull
Croatia - 2020. Writer/Director: Neven Hitrec. Producer: Jure Bušić

Neven Hitrec’s Martello Award winning film about a nine year old locked in an existential battle with her parents and the Croatian national curriculum. A family at war, two sisters, a mother, a father and their apartment as the field of battle. It’s a family comedy/tragedy/horror/tough-love/school story. The school of yelling, threats, promises, bribery, confiscations, conciliations and reconciliations with dramatic entrances and even more dramatic exits. Passing third grade is not a matter of life and death! It’s much more important than that!


5.10pm - 6.40pm
On Our Doorstep
UK - 2021. Director: Thomas Laurance

Q&A: Award winning director Thomas Laurance will be answering questions in the bar after this screening.

When local, east Kent, film director Thomas Laurance volunteered to help build temporary shelters in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais he thought he would stay a couple of weeks and be home in time for Christmas. Instead he stayed for more than a year and returned with the footage that became On Our Doorstep


Poetry, New York
Spain - 2021 Director ~ Patrick Pfister
If it's tough being a poet in New York City, imagine being a poet and a publisher at the same time.

Patrick Pfister’s film is a meditation on the life of a poet and a publisher of poets in New York today. In the background the Big Apple tries its best to get our attention. But it is the plack-plack plack-plack plack-plack of small presses printing poetry that catches the ear, oh yes, and the poets who are just as thought provoking, funny, profound and poetic as they ought to be.


Dreams come true, hopes are dashed, wardrobes malfunction, comedians get
slapped, grins become fixed, bitches are bitched and lovers ditched. It’s this years
Martellos, live at The Astor.
Session 1 (Country Matters): 1 film, 12pm to 1pm | £7.50
Session 2 (Thoughful Afternoon):  6 shorts & 2 films, 1pm to 5.30pm | £10
Session 3 (Chillout & Kickback): 2 films & party 6pm to late | £15
All day: Access to all films and shorts, as well as the awards ceremony and party | £20


Event Details

Starts on:10/09/2022 12:00
Location:Astor Theatre, Deal


All Day Access
12pm to late (includes Awards Ceremony & Party)
£ 20.00
Chillout & Kickback
6pm to late (includes Awards Ceremony & Party)
£ 15.00
Thoughtful Afternoon
1pm to 5.30pm
£ 10.00